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Discussion: Most zombies will chase canine or anything else that's running. Some zombies are even stunned by their own reflections. The only problem with the dog is this some dogs like to run away and then run back towards you. Gunfire should be used in outdoors only like a last recourse. It attracts more zombies. An M-16 is one-shot; one-kill on the living, not the underworld. M-16s are not the best weapons for dealing with zombies. An AK-47 music an M-16 for zombies, but you might want to save ammo and puppy decoy should work perfect. C is the worst choice.

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Bring much less than two pens or pencils to the test, publicize sure you've any other supplies or resources you'll need to complete the test (calculator, text book, maps, dictionaries, and so.).

Our technology keeps advancing, but as to our knowledge and involving simple such as health, happiness, abundance, and peace, almost everyone are walking on with skillets that are too small for that needs.

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