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Season 1 of Veronica Mars is a 22-episode season which began airing on September 22, 2004 and ending on May 10, 2005. The season focused on Veronica Mars searching for the true killer of her best friend Lilly Kane while solving smaller mysteries each week.


Main Characters[edit]

Recurring Characters[edit]


Image Title Number Writer Director Airdate Production Code
Pilot 01.jpg "Pilot" 101 Rob Thomas Mark Piznarski September 22, 2004 475258
Veronica starts her junior year at Neptune High by freeing new student Wallace Fennel, who had been duct-taped to the school flag pole as retribution for calling the police on two PCH bikers shoplifting alcohol. Celeste Kane hires Keith to follow her husband Jake, and Veronica stakes out a seedy motel, where she photographs Jake meeting an unseen woman. Flashbacks depict last year's murder of Veronica's best friend, Lilly Kane, and Veronica's date rape at an 09er party.
"Credit Where Credit's Due" 102 Rob Thomas Mark Piznarski September 28, 2004 2T5701
When Weevil is accused of credit card fraud, Veronica sets out to prove him innocent. At school, Veronica is put into Ms. Dent's journalism class, and finds she has a flat tire after class. Veronica accepts a car ride with Veronica's ex-boyfriend Duncan, which turns out to be very awkward. Troy Vandegraff arrives in town and enrolls in Neptune High. Veronica also discovers that a red light camera picture proves Lily was alive hours after her official time of death. Paris Hilton guest stars as Catlin Ford, Logan's girlfriend.
"Meet John Smith" 103 Jed Seidel Harry Winer October 12, 2004 2T5702
A student hires Veronica to find his father, whom he believes is dead. Veronica and Troy's relationship deepens, Keith meets Veronica's guidance counselor, Rebecca James, and Veronica begins looking for her mother. Duncan temporarily stops taking his antidepressants, and hallucinates about his dead sister, Lilly, telling him that her secret will be revealed.
"The Wrath of Con" 104 Diane Ruggiero Michael Fields October 19, 2004 2T5703
Veronica helps Wallace's new girlfriend, Georgia, after she is cheated out of $6,000 by a couple of college students running a Nigerian scam. Veronica and her friends defeat the students technology-heavy security system and hold their data hostage to force the return of Georgia's money. Logan assembles what is supposed to be a serious video memorial of Lilly, but includes some wilder footage Veronica provided. Logan's compilation is well received by the students at the dedication of Lilly's fountain on the Neptune High grounds.
"You Think You Know Somebody" 105 Dayna Lynne North Nick Gomez October 26, 2004 2T5704
Troy's father's car is stolen and Veronica has only a limited amount of time to find it before Troy is shipped off to a Catholic boarding school. Veronica finds a set of photographs in her mother's safe deposit box which depict Veronica centered in telescopic sights. Lianne calls Veronica and says that she is fine, and that everything will make sense when the time is right.
"Return of the Kane" 106 Story by: Rob Thomas

Teleplay by: Phil Klemmer

Sarah Pia Anderson November 2, 2004 2T5705
Logan pressures Duncan to run for class president against Wanda Varner's anti-09er platform. Duncan wins, but Veronica suspects that the election was rigged. Logan's father, A-list movie star Aaron Echolls, catches his son organizing Bumfights-like street fights. Abel Koontz fires his public defender, and Veronica discovers that Lilly's shoes, which were in her room after her murder, were found on Abel's houseboat.
"The Girl Next Door" 107 Story by: Jed Seidel
Teleplay by: Jed Seidel & Diane Ruggiero
Nick Marck November 9, 2004 2T5706
When her pregnant neighbor Sarah disappears, Veronica tries to find out if Sarah's boyfriend killed her. Logan and Weevil get detention together, and Logan discovers that Lilly was secretly seeing Weevil before her death. Veronica learns that her mom and Jake Kane were dating in high school, and a flashback shows Veronica trying find out why Duncan broke up with her.
"Like a Virgin" 108 Aury Wallington Guy Bee November 23, 2004 2T5707
A purity test circulating around Neptune High has a negative impact on both Meg Manning, Veronica's last 09er friend, and Veronica herself. Veronica recruits Mac, a computer genius, to figure out who is publishing the fake purity tests. Abel Koontz tells Veronica that Jake Kane is probably her biological father.
"Drinking the Kool-Aid" 109 Story by: Rob Thomas
Teleplay by: Russell Smith
Marcos Siega November 30, 2004 2T5708
Veronica investigates Clarence Wiedman, the head of Kane Security who took pictures of her and sent them to her mother, on her own initiative. Concurrently, she investigates the Moon Calf Collective, a peace-loving cult that 09er Casey joined. Veronica takes a DNA test to find out if Keith is actually her biological father, but she destroys the results without looking at them.
"An Echolls Family Christmas" 110 Diane Ruggiero Nick Marck December 14, 2004 2T5710
When the money from a poker game between Logan, Weevil, and others disappears, Veronica is called in to investigate. Keith investigates a mysterious stalker whom Aaron fears will ruin his Christmas party. When Aaron is stabbed by his former lover, his wife Lynn learns of his infidelity.
"Silence of the Lamb" 111 Jed Seidel & Dayna Lynne North John Kretchmer January 4, 2005 2T5709
Students hire Veronica to dig up dirt on their parents, and she discovers that Mac was switched at birth with 09er Madison Sinclair, who was among those at the party where Veronica was raped. Keith and Sheriff Lamb work together to solve the E-String Strangler case.
"Clash of the Tritons" 112 Phil Klemmer & Aury Wallington David Barrett January 11, 2005 2T5711
When Veronica is arrested for selling fake IDs, she tries to find out who framed her, suspecting members of a secret society at Neptune High. Aaron hires Keith to find out who is causing him bad publicity. Weevil confesses during a grief counseling session that he had secretly dated Lilly, but she had gone back to Logan. Aaron threatens Lynn with a divorce, and her car is later shown abandoned on the Coronado Bridge.
"Lord of the Bling" 113 John Enbom Steve Gomer February 8, 2005 2T5712
Yolanda, an old friend of Veronica's, is kidnapped. Yolanda's father, rap producer Percy "Bone" Hamilton, hires Keith to find her. Aaron tries to grieve after Lynn's suicide, but Logan thinks that he is faking, and that she is still alive. Logan asks Veronica to help find his mother.
"Mars vs. Mars" 114 Story by: Rob Thomas
Teleplay by: Jed Seidel & Diane Ruggiero
Marcos Siega February 15, 2005 2T5713
When 09er gossip queen Carrie Bishop claims she had an affair with Mr. Rooks, Veronica's favorite teacher, Veronica sets out to prove his innocence. Keith, however, has been hired to prove Mr. Rooks' guilt. Veronica finds a video that shows Lynn plunging into the river from the bridge, and learns that Abel Koontz is terminally ill.
"Ruskie Business" 115 Phil Klemmer & John Enbom Guy Bee February 22, 2005 2T5714
Veronica is hired by a Russian Internet order bride to find the groom that she abandoned. Meg and Veronica uncover the identity of Meg's secret admirer, who turns out to be Duncan. Logan discovers that his sister Trina is back in town, and Veronica finds her mother in a bar.
"Betty and Veronica" 116 Diane Ruggiero Michael Fields March 29, 2005 2T5715
When someone steals Neptune High's mascot, Polly the Parrot, Veronica goes undercover at Neptune High's rival school, Pan High. Veronica checks her mother into an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program, using her college savings to fund the cost. Lianne admits that she does not know whether Veronica's father is Keith or Jake.
"Kanes and Abel's" 117 Carolyn Murray Nick Marck April 5, 2005 2T5716
Veronica finds Abel Koontz's daughter, Amelia DeLongpre, and searches for evidence that Jake Kane paid Abel to falsely confess to Lilly's murder before Clarence Wiedman gets to Amelia. Veronica is hired to find out who is mysteriously harassing a classmate.
"Weapons of Class Destruction" 118 Jed Seidel John Kretchmer April 12, 2005 2T5717
Veronica discovers that Neptune High has been receiving bomb threats, and is kidnapped by a suspect while investigating the case. Logan intervenes to save Veronica, and they end up kissing. Duncan learns that Veronica is still investigating Lilly's death, and leaves town.
"Hot Dogs" 119 Dayna Lynne North Nick Marck April 19, 2005 2T5718
When Mandy's dog vanishes, Veronica agrees to investigate and ventures into Neptune's seedy underbelly of dognapping rings. Weevil breaks into Lilly's room to steal a pink "spy pen", which she used to hold secret messages. Keith secretly takes hair samples from Veronica and sends them in for a DNA test. Veronica and Logan begin secretly dating.
"M.A.D." 120 Phil Klemmer & John Enbom John Kretchmer April 26, 2005 2T5719
When Carmen's boyfriend Tad blackmails her using a compromising video, Carmen turns to Veronica for help. Veronica devises a logical way to solve Carmen's problem, but Tad is functioning on emotion rather than logic. Tad admits to Veronica that he used GHB on Carmen, and that he received the drug from Logan. Veronica is shocked, as it was the same drug used on her before her rape at Shelly Pomroy's party.
"A Trip to the Dentist" 121 Diane Ruggiero Marcos Siega May 3, 2005 2T5720
New information gives Veronica a lead on what happened to her the night of Shelly Pomroy's party, where she was drugged and raped. Veronica's mother returns to town, and Logan's 09er friends find out that he is dating Veronica. Flashbacks reveal that Duncan dumped Veronica because his mother told him that Veronica was his half-sister.
"Leave It to Beaver" 122 Story by: Rob Thomas
Teleplay by: Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero
Michael Fields May 10, 2005 2T5721
Dick's brother Cassidy admits Logan's whereabouts the day of Lilly's murder to Veronica, and her investigation concludes. Keith receives the DNA test results and tells Veronica that he is definitely her father. Veronica discovers that her mother left the alcohol rehabilitation program and asks her to leave town. Lianne does so, but steals Veronica's settlement check—which would have replaced the college funds she spent on Lianne's rehab—on her way out.